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Cliff Ballinger

Cliff is our Business Services Director. He spent most of his working life as an engineer after completing a course at the Government Training Centre, long before we gave a thought to computers. He moved into the Extrusion Die industry as a machinist and worked his way into a management position. During this time, engineering underwent a sea change and moved from purely “hands on skills” to highly sophisticated computer operated machines.

Cliff’s skills encompassed programming for these CNC machines to production scheduling and worker management. During this time his interest in ICT was born he purchased his first home computer, an IBM 286 with 128KB of RAM and a 60MB hard drive, which he was assured he would never fill. How technology has moved apace since then.

As our company grew, it was clear that we needed someone with organisational skills. Cliff was the ideal person. His engineering background had produced a work ethic that was based on accuracy and correct working practices. He had been involved in the setting up and operation of ISO 9000 quality assurance systems. Cliff worked for us for four years before he was invited to take up a position as a company director.

Cliff is also the author of a successful book “A Gloucester Boy” which is now in its 5th edition. He is also a musician, playing the guitar and the blues harmonica. He enjoys writing lyrics for new songs, the latest currently being performed by a local band. Head over to his personal site to find out more.

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