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Charlie Markwick

Charlie is the Technical Director of Southcot Services Ltd and has had two major careers to date.

Charlie has extensive technical experience being as much at home using Linux as he is with Microsoft products. He also brings people skills from his first profession making him a rarity in ICT. This coupled with an ability to solve the toughest problem means that our services will always meet your needs.

His current career grew out of a life long interest in ICT. Starting with City & Guilds Computer Programming in 1971. For many years his interest in ICT was a secondary interest. In the early 1980s, for the charity he and his wife were running, he wrote a Benefit Calculator in Basic using a Commodore PET. Lacking the business acumen he has now, it never crossed his mind to market it! Twelve years ago Charlie decided to focus his energy on building a computing related business. The result was Southcot Services Ltd.

His first 25 years was spent in Community and Social Work. He worked in a variety of disciplines: Domestic Violence, Children and Families, Youth Justice, Leaving Care and also ran 2 children's homes.

To get a better idea of the range of his capabilities and how we can help you, click on the “More About Us” link and follow the links there.

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